Try these 9 tips to get more and stronger follower growth

Did you ever wonder why you have problems getting your point across? On the other hand, somebody else quickly confers the message? 

It is not about the message. It is about the messenger.

In good old Persia, the messenger was either rewarded for good news or killed for bringing bad news. Even today, the messenger’s image influences the message. The other way round, the messenger draws influence from the message. This relationship is known as the halo effect.

It is crucial to have a positive image in other people’s heads. We are all messengers of our ideas. So how can we be liked more?

The good news: there are some marvelous tricks. These are known as compliance techniques.

The bad news: they largely depend on the predisposition of your communication partner. Do not try them with your arch-enemy. All techniques work best if applied in a neutral or a positive setting.

The Bad

Use false concessions to trick the other person into a reciprocating action. This approach certainly is a technique for the master manipulator.

How it works: ask for a big favor. If the favor is declined, ask for a much smaller favor. The smaller favor is usually performed. The trick is that the smaller favor was your intended outcome all along. If applied subtle enough, you can increase the gains every time.

The marathon

people running on gray asphalt road during daytime

Be around long enough, and people will be your friend, just because you were always there. Many countryside neighborhoods work this way: A newcomer is always a stranger, and a long-living inhabitant is always a friend—the essence of many club membership friends.

How it works: Every time you meet someone, you create a shared experience; many people stick together because it always used to be like this.

The chameleon

green chameleon in close-up

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Be familiar with the other person. The mirror and match technique of salespeople falls in this category. An advertisement convinces many people to buy something because it addresses their specific way of living.

How it works: familiarity makes us lower our guards and throw away any caution. Most people trust their family and friends without question.

The predator


If you want to be a friend of someone, it is best to single him out and create an extra room where the two of you spend time together. You might not become friends if you are together at a massive concert hall. On the contrary, there is a much higher chance that you will become friends in a small art venue.

How it works: Direct personal communication is most effective if you want something. Group ignorance kicks in if you request something from a group.

The classic socializer

group of people tossing wine glass

There are, of course, the good old classic tips. Dale Carnegie has written an extensive list about this category. Be similar to the other person or appear to be (a chameleon). Be well-groomed and make compliments.

How it works: This is purely attributable to the halo effect. Because we behave friendly and polite, we certainly are nice and trustful.

The team player

men playing football

Be in a team with the other person and strive to achieve a higher goal.

How it works: This alone will make many principles work for you. The collaboration principle is undoubtedly the most important. You are working publicly and effortful towards a common goal.

The specialist

person wearing lavatory gown with green stethoscope on neck using phone while standing

This stereotype is one of the more controversial ones. Sometimes people seem impressive because they hold a fancy title or a called an expert in something. We all need a friend we can call if our computer stops working. Who does not ask his doctor-friend about some illness?

How it works: Obeying an authority can make life easy. And such authority symbolizes power. Associating us to power rubs some of it on ourselves.

The Dressman

two men during daytime

The shiny uniform of the policeman seems more attractive than the rags of the hobo. Dress to impress.

How it works: This is another classic. Because we look lovely, we certainly are a pleasant fellow.

The Diva

woman walking near brown concrete building

Present yourself as a rare resource. You only have time this very day. It is extraordinary that you are even in town—some people’s dating technique.

How it works: Be available for some time. Then suddenly be less present, creating a scarcity of you. The desire for you will increase.

Learning from other people

Do you recognize yourself in any of those? Go to a well-frequented coffee shop. Sit down and do some people-watching. Do you recognize any of those stereotypes? Try to be inspired by other people.

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