The science of influence and storytelling

In my previous blog post, I asked different questions.

I want to start with the last one: 

Why apply the principles of psychological influence in your communication?

There are two reasons why to use them.

  1. By getting more familiar with their application, we get more sensitive if other people want to exploit us.
  2. We can use these principles can also be used to help other people understand our viewpoint better. As Cialdini originally stated, there are too valuable to be abused to our disadvantage. But we can use them with a more positive intention that enables a win-win for our partner and us.

And with this, I want to answer the two initial questions:

 How to apply these principles? How to defend against triggers?

The principles have many applications. Therefore, I want to look to the purpose of this blog: storytelling. I came up with the following questions:

  • How to use these principles to become a better storyteller?
  • How to form stories at the workplace from a social context?
  • The messenger’s image influences the message and vice-versa. It is therefore vital to be likable. How can we be liked more?
  • How to use the principles to transport business ideas better? How to use them to promote our ideas in technology and social engineering?